We are proud to work with a committed team to provide services that meet your communications goals.

Strategic Planning and Development
We take an full assessment of your business to determine the best tactics to reach your goals.  What have you done in the past? Where are you now? Where do you want to go?

Media Relations and Publicity
This is the basis all of our campaigns. Securing media coverage about your services, a new product, promoting an event, etc., we have a solid track record and relationships with media contacts. Our clients receive more than the results they are looking for.

Community Relations and Cause Marketing
Giving back to the community is the right thing to do. It makes people proud to work with you and your customers proud to do business with you. By promoting your efforts, you make the cause stronger and educate the public on the need that is there.

Media Training
Yes, it is about how you sit, stand, dress and speak. More importantly, it is about being prepared and being able to think on your feet.  We work hard to get you the interview and you must be ready to do a great job.

What your business or organization does is as important as who it is and the brand you want to portray to the public. We can help you create an impactful image with the best logo and design elements that you will use in all your communications efforts.

Digital Marketing
From designing your website, video production to search engine optimization. Our partners provide cost-effective solutions and provide free training  so you can maintain your own website.

Social media marketing
Your company’s presence on the new media of today is important to communicate with your customers. Whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or your blog, we can assist you with your content and management strategies and engagement.