Public Relations is strategy to communicate your brand messages and share stories relative to your brand. It is a great tool to utilize in conjunction with your marketing and advertising strategies.

There are various types of public relations. One is media relations, which is establishing a good relationship with media organizations and acting as their content source. Many hire PR specialists/agencies to be the bridge from their business to the media. This is Sherry Butler’s specialty. She has 28-years of developing strategies, plans and tactics for small to mid-size businesses and start-ups, helping them reach their targeted audience through media outlets such as magazines, television, radio, newspapers, blogs, and podcasts. This now includes consulting and providing content management within social media platforms.

Sherry Butler has solid relationships with media, locally and nationally, and utilizes her stellar pitching skills to secure stories to meet your goals. She understands how to evaluate a solid ‘pitch’ and how to determine the best media sources to contact.

If your goals are to build awareness, create “buzz,” become an expert in your specific business category, increase sales, or create change or action, public relations is a very cost efficient communications tool to accomplish these goals.

Within any of your communications, the key is to have a strategy, a plan, tactics (tasks) to get your brand messages out. Public relations also includes your website content, your internal company communications, community outreach and events. All of your brand messages need to be consistent through all platforms and we are here to help you determine the strategy and how to execute it.

The services we provide are public relations strategy development and implementation, media relations, community relations, special event coordination and publicity, media training, website project management, as well as marketing, advertising and social media strategy and management.

Contact Sherry via email to get the conversation started and determine whether we are a good fit. We look forward to talking to you and partnering with you to build your business!