Public Relations  is the strategic creation and distribution, and follow-up, of information by way of storytelling. The stories are then shared by print and broadcast media via magazines, television, radio, newspapers, blogs, podcasts and social media.

So, when you want to share the news about your business, organization, cause, product, service, event or even you, look at PR. If  your goals are to build awareness, create “buzz,” become an expert in your area, increase sales, create change, public relations is a very cost efficient communications tool to accomplish these goals.

Your expertise, uniqueness, new product launch, tips or trends, to name a few. How do you get your information out to your current audience or a new audience? This can be done through the vehicles of traditional and social news sources.

We can help you get your information out, however we need to learn all we can to determine the best plan, strategy and tactics. We want to learn about the presence you currently have and your history. What you are currently doing, have done, what worked, didn’t work and why. This includes your advertising and marketing.

The services we can provide you with are, but not limited to, public relations strategy development and implementation, media relations, community relations, special event coordination and publicity, media training, website project management, grass roots marketing, advertising and marketing consulting and social media strategy and management.

We look forward to talking to you and partnering with you to build your business!